We hope these reflections will bless your life and aid you on your spiritual journey. It may be helpful to read the noted scripture(s) before listening to the sermon. In our worship services, we usually use “The Inclusive Bible” translation. Our intention is to keep approximately 3 months worth of recent messages online.

Be assured and comforted that the Spirit is here to guide us, to reveal God's truth to us. To inspire us. To empower us. The Holy Spirit is always here…


May 12, 2024
We can always turn again to the community of Christ. The door will always be open. We will always be loved. We will always belong.

Love One Another

May 5, 2024
Jesus commands us to love one another because the radical love that he embodies is what will save us. Loving one another makes possible the kin-dom of God and God’s…

The Fruit of the Vine

April 28, 2024
Just as the vine provides nourishment for its branches, Jesus is the source of love that nurtures us and allows us to grow and lead an abundant life. When we…

The Good Shepherd

April 21, 2024
The eternal source of radical love is within us. When we connect to it, putting our trust in the good shepherd, letting that radical love bubble up within and spill…

A Light for the World

April 14, 2024
When we proclaim that Christ is risen, an eternal light for the world, we also proclaim that that light lives on within us. That we desire to let the light…

Facing Uncertainty

April 7, 2024
When we face uncertainty, we need not hide in fear, locking ourselves away. Embrace uncertainty and put your trust in God’s love.

Leaving the Tomb Behind

March 31, 2024
We too are invited to return to Galilee, which is wherever those in need are. That is where ministry happens. That is where the risen Jesus will be found. That…
The people rejoiced at Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. But Jesus didn’t overthrow the Roman empire. What he did was show us God's way of love and offer us hope for…

Seeking Wholeness

March 17, 2024
What is it that we seek in life? Even after we have the necessities of life, food and shelter, human beings continue to reach out for more. But do we…