Upcoming Worship Services @ 6pm:

April 7: “Facing Uncertainty”

April 14: “A Light for the World”

April 21: “The Good Shepherd”

April 28: “The Vine”

Note: the themes for April above are different than what was listed in our April Newsletter. We will pick up those themes again in June (at least that is the current plan).

You are invited to worship with us every Sunday at 6 pm. Either join us in person (our address is below) or online via Zoom. If you would like the Zoom connection info, please contact the church office. Thank you!

So that we can keep each other healthy in this age of Covid:

  • If you feel sick, please join us online via Zoom instead of in-person.
  • We encourage everyone to be up to date on their Covid and Flu vaccinations.
  • We encourage everyone to use their own best judgement on whether to wear a mask or not.
  • Please respect others’ personal space. If you want to hug, please ask permission. Don’t assume the other person is comfortable with hugs even if you know they’ve been vaccinated or if you’ve hugged them in the past.