Follow the Light

January 7, 2024
Let us follow the light, opening our hearts that God’s love might shine through us a beacon of compassion and justice.

Living In Generosity

November 26, 2023
We are not only encouraged to ask for help when we need it, but we are asked to be the answer to that very same prayer for others.

Living In The Wow

November 12, 2023
So what happens when we cultivate a sense of awe in our lives, a reverential respect mixed with wonder? What happens when we make “wow” a lived out prayer? The…

In the Bulb

October 22, 2023
This hymn speaks to the marvel of God’s Creation. Growth. Transformation. Beauty. The process of becoming what one was created to be.

Bound By Love

September 10, 2023
When we gather together in God’s name, when we come together in relationship, in community, bound in love, we come together as the Kin-dom of God.

God Is Love

September 3, 2023
Guest reflection from Em Norwood.

Building Church

August 27, 2023
How will we live out God’s call for us? Can we be a church for this world that puts its trust in the living and loving God of peace and…