A Light for the World

April 14, 2024
When we proclaim that Christ is risen, an eternal light for the world, we also proclaim that that light lives on within us. That we desire to let the light…

Follow the Light

January 7, 2024
Let us follow the light, opening our hearts that God’s love might shine through us a beacon of compassion and justice.

A Voice in The Wilderness

December 17, 2023
Where is the light of Christ shining in our lives today? When we share that light we nurture seeds of justice and joy. We begin to heal the world.

Preparing the Way

December 10, 2023
This is a season of waiting, but it is an active waiting. A season of preparing the way – making room for God’s love to give birth to something new.

Change Is Coming!

December 3, 2023
Advent is a time not to rush ahead but to pause and reflect on what the birth of God’s love into our lives is going to mean.

Living In Generosity

November 26, 2023
We are not only encouraged to ask for help when we need it, but we are asked to be the answer to that very same prayer for others.

Here I Am

October 29, 2023
God acts in the world through God’s people. Through you and me.

Going Deeper

September 24, 2023
Why do we worship? Connecting to God deep in the heart...